Schedule for final onstage rehearsals July 12th – 15th

Here is a link to the full schedule of rehearsal – some in costume some not – in the days immediately before the show.

If your child is a Pre-school / Pre-Primary / Primary Ballet pupil and you cannot see their class this is because they are due to dance in the Saturday afternoon show only so their practice is part of the full dress rehearsal we do on the morning of Saturday July 15th.  You will need to get your child to the theatre from 9.00 am to be ready to dance from 10.00 am promptly.  Once in costume and ready for their dance this is the chance for children to watch some of the other dances.

PLEASE NOTE – all children under 18 years remain the responsibility of their parents or a designated responsible adult for all of these rehearsals.  There is no chaperoning provision for any of these calls.  Parents must arrange amongst themselves who will be supervising their children/helping them get ready for their dances.